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Create website illustrations, logos and icons in seconds thanks to our advanced generative AI design tool.


What is Illustroke AI

Stunning vector illustrations from text prompts.Create website illustrationslogos and icons in seconds thanks to our advanced generative AI design tool.

Illustroke is a tool that allows users to create stunning vector illustrations from text prompts using their text-to-SVG AI technology.

Why Vector?

Illustroke, unlike many other AI image generators out there, generates images in vector format (SVG). Using the vector format brings many advantages during the development of your projects, here are some of them:

illustroke com

Vectorize your imagination!

Illustroke is a generative AI design tool that allows you to create beautiful vector illustrations. You write what you want to illustrate and Illustroke will do the rest.

Illustroke Pricing

Get 50 tokens to generate beautiful illustrations for $6. One token is equivalent to one illustration generation request. In each request, 3 variants of the same illustration are produced, so as to be able to choose the best one