FakeYou Reviews:Deep Fake Text to Speech

About Fakeyou

FakeYou is a text-to-speech platform that allows users to create realistic, artificial intelligence-based “deepfake” voices with lots of different famous voices. It offers a variety of options for imitating well-known figures and characters, and allows users to use open-source voice models too. There is also a voice-cloning feature, however we would advise against this for security reasons. The platform is free to use and the voices are created and shared by the community. Registering an account will let you generate your TTS faster but you are still limited to 12 seconds per voiceover (although you can just generate lots of 12 second clips and edit them together).

FakeYou Reviews:Deep Fake Text to Speech

FakeYou is a text to speech wonderland where all of your dreams come true.

Try FakeYou: Ever wanted a celebrity to speak your words
FakeYou is a website that turns your text into speech using deepfake technology. Imagine being able to have over 2,400 different voices, including celebrities

Technology is doing amazing things these days, like the creation of the FakeYou text-to-speech tool. It’s like something out of a movie, being able to make voices sound like famous people, or even different voice types, all from the FakeYou website. And the best part? FakeYou works in many languages.
We’re going to take a close look at what FakeYou is and what it does. We’ll also talk about other tools that might do the same thing and why someone might want to use those instead of FakeYou for turning text into speech. It’s a fascinating subject, and we hope to make it easy and interesting for everyone to understand.

What is FakeYou?

FakeYou is a website that turns your text into speech using deepfake technology. Imagine being able to have over 2,400 different voices, including celebrities, characters, and even regular folks, read out your words! It lets you pick the perfect voice to match your content, making it feel more real and personal.
If you want to take things to the next level with deepfake text-to-speech, FakeYou is just what you need. We’ll take a look at what makes it special, its main features, and talk about some of its good and not-so-good points. It’s an exciting tool that can make your content stand out in a unique way.

AI Can Now Clone Your Voice: But Is It Safe?

Voice cloning with artificial intelligence has become a popular and easily accessible technology, with numerous online platforms offering the ability to create deepfake voices that imitate anyone from celebrities to fictional characters. While this technology may seem fun and harmless, it can actually be quite dangerous in the wrong hands.
One major issue with voice cloning is that it can be used for fraudulent purposes. For example, an individual could use a deepfake voice to impersonate someone else over the phone, potentially scamming people out of their personal information or money. In a more extreme example, a deepfake voice could be used to impersonate a government official or CEO in order to manipulate or deceive others. There has also been a big rise in the number of scams which use a person’s own voice in order to try and trick their friends and relatives into releasing confidential information.
Another concern is the potential for abuse of voice cloning technology to spread misinformation or propaganda. Deepfake voices could be used to create fake audio recordings of politicians or public figures saying things they never actually said, potentially causing confusion and mistrust among the public.
Voice cloning also has the potential to erode privacy, as people may no longer be able to trust that the voice on the other end of a phone call or recording is actually who they claim to be. If you upload your own voice to be used with an AI voice cloning tool, you can end up being the victim of a number of phone scams which impersonate your own voice.
While voice cloning technology may seem like a harmless and entertaining tool, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers it can pose. It is crucial to use this technology responsibly and to be vigilant when it comes to protecting your own privacy and minimizing the risk of scams.

Features of FakeYou

  • With FakeYou, you get access to a massive library of over 2,400 top-notch voices. Want a celebrity to read your text? Or perhaps just a regular person’s voice? This tool has it all.
  • Thanks to some clever AI technology, the voices you get from FakeYou aren’t just ordinary text-to-speech results. They sound incredibly real and lifelike.
  • Even if you’re new to this kind of tool, you’ll find FakeYou easy to use. The user interface is designed to be simple, with AI technology making everything run smoothly.
  • This tool doesn’t stand still. Continuous updates mean that the quality of the voiceovers keeps improving, giving you the best experience possible.
  • As long as you have a device with a web browser and an internet connection, you can use the FakeYou text-to-speech tool. It’s that flexible!

How to use FakeYou?

Follow these easy steps to use the FakeYou tool, and you’ll be turning text into speech with the voice you choose in no time:

  • Start by clicking on this link: https://fakeyou.com. It’s the doorway to some pretty cool AI tools!
  • Once you’re on the site, you’ll see three amazing AI tools: “Text To Speech,” “Voice to Voice,” and “Video Lip Sync.”
  • We’re focusing on turning text into speech today, so click on the “Text to Speech” option.

  • Now comes the fun part! Select any of the available voices. There are plenty to choose from, so find the one that fits your content best.
  • Next, enter your text prompt into the provided space. It can be anything you want!

  • Hit enter, and voila! You’ve just made your chosen voice say your text.

For our example, we made Queen Elizabeth II say: “Hi Dataconomy readers. This is FakeYou.” Want to hear it?

  • You can sign up for FakeYou by clicking on “Sign Up” on the main screen and entering your details.
  • Once registered, you’ll have access to basic features.

  • If you choose to subscribe to any of the available paid options such as PlusPro, or Elite, you’ll unlock even more exciting and advanced features to enhance your experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of FakeYou

Every tool has its own unique features, and FakeYou is no different. Let’s explore what makes it stand out, as well as some areas where it might fall short:


  • Since FakeYou is web-based, you can use it from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!
  • Whether you need text-to-speech, voice-to-voice, or video lip sync, this tool has you covered.
  • The number of voices available on this tool is always going up, giving you more and more options.
  • You can tweak and fine-tune the voices in the library to make them just right for your needs.


  • Some of FakeYou’s more advanced tools might require you to pay.
  • Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t have a voice cloning function.
  • How long it takes to turn text into speech on FakeYou can change depending on your internet speed.

Like anything, FakeYou has things that make it great and areas where it could be better. Understanding these will help you decide if it’s the right tool for your needs.


Here’s a breakdown of the three available packages for FakeYou:

Plus Package – $7/month:

  • Processing Priority: Normal
  • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, up to 30 seconds audio
  • Voice to Voice: Up to 4 minutes of audio
  • Wav2Lip: Up to 1 minute video
  • Extras: Future feature updates

Pro Package – $15/month:

  • Processing Priority: Faster
  • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, up to 1 minute audio, option to upload private models
  • Voice to Voice: Up to 5 minutes of audio, option to upload private models
  • Wav2Lip: Up to 2 minutes video
  • Extras: Future feature updates

Elite Package – $25/month:

  • Processing Priority: Fastest
  • Text to Speech: Unlimited generation, up to 2 minutes audio, option to upload and share private models
  • Voice to Voice: Unlimited audio, option to upload and share private models
  • Wav2Lip: Up to 2 minutes video
  • Extras: Commercial Voices, FakeYou commercial voices

Best FakeYou alternatives

Now that we’ve delved into this tool, let’s explore some other options. These alternatives each bring something unique to the table.

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