AI工具:Chat2DB 是一款有开源免费的多数据库客户端工具

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Chat2DB 是一款有开源免费的多数据库客户端1具,支持windows、mac本地安装,也支持服务器端部署,web网页访问。和传统的数据库客户端软件Navicat、DBeaver 相比Chat2DB集成了AIGC的能力,能够将自然语言转换为SQL,也可以将SQL转换为自然语言,可以给出研发人员SQL的优化建议,极大的提升人员的效率,是AI时代数据库研发人员的利器,未来即使不懂SQL的运营业务也可以使用快速查询业务数据、生成报表能力

AI工具:Chat2DB 是一款有开源免费的多数据库客户端工具

  • ? AI智能助手,支持自然语言转SQL、SQL转自然语言、SQL优化建议
  • ? 支持团队协作,研发无需知道线上数据库密码,解决企业数据库账号安全问题
  • ⚙️ 强大的数据管理能力,支持数据表、视图、存储过程、函数、触发器、索引、序列、用户、角色、授权等管理
  • ? 强大的扩展能力,目前已经支持MySQL、PostgreSQL、Oracle、SQLServer、ClickHouse、OceanBase、H2、SQLite等等,未来会支持更多的数据库
  • ? 前端使用 Electron 开发,提供 Windows、Mac、Linux 客户端、网页版本一体化的解决方案
  • ? 支持环境隔离、线上、日常数据权限分离

Chat2DB is a multi-database client tool that is open-source and free from Alibaba. It supports local installation on Windows and Mac, as well as server-side deployment and web page access. Compared to traditional database client software such as Navicat and DBeaver, Chat2DB integrates AIGC’s capabilities and is able to convert natural language into SQL. It can also convert SQL into natural language and provide optimization suggestions for SQL to greatly enhance the efficiency of developers. It is a tool for database developers in the AI era, and even non-SQL business operators in the future can use it to quickly query business data and generate reports.

  • ? AI intelligent assistant, supporting natural language to SQL conversion, SQL to natural language conversion, and SQL optimization suggestions
  • ? Support team collaboration, developers do not need to know the online database password, solving the problem of enterprise database account security
  • ⚙️ Powerful data management capability, supporting management of data tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, indexes, sequences, users, roles, authorizations, etc.
  • ? Powerful extension capability, currently supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, ClickHouse, OceanBase, H2, SQLite, etc., and more databases will be supported in the future
  • ? Front-end development using Electron, providing a solution that integrates Windows, Mac, Linux clients, and web versions
  • ? Support environment isolation, online, and daily data permission separation


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