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About Virtual Staging AI

Virtual Staging AI is an AI-powered interior design tool that allows you to virtually stage empty rooms by adding realistic furniture and decor. Simply upload a photo of an empty room, choose the room type like bedroom or office, and the AI will insert appropriate furniture and decor in seconds. Main features of this tool include an easy upload process, large furniture library, and the ability to download staged photos for immediate use.

AI Architecture & Interior Design Tools

World’s first virtual staging algorithm powered by artificial intelligence. Developed at Harvard Innovation Labs.

Sell properties faster through virtual staging. Instant results with AI virtual staging. Instantly transform properties with AI-powered virtual staging.

Virtual stagingwith one click

Upload a picture and our AI will add furniture within seconds.

Why choose Virtual Staging AI?

World’s first virtual staging algorithm powered by artificial intelligence.
Developed at Harvard Innovation Labs.

Lowest price

Starting at only $9/month you can virtually stage 9 images. That’s cheaper than what most agencies charge for a single image. Enterprise plans go as low as $0.6 per staged picture.

Fastest turnaround

Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence you get your virtually staged pictures within 10 seconds. No more waiting for designers.

No effort

No need to write detailed instructions for designers anymore. Just upload your pictures, choose room type and style and the AI automatically adds beautiful, realistic looking furniture.

Unlimited revisions

Had something different in mind? Instead of having to go back and forth with a designer, get more designs within seconds.

How Virtual Staging AI works

How to Do Virtual Staging: A Comprehensive Guide for Real Estate Professionals

Upload your picture

Upload a picture of an empty room and choose the room type and style. We currently support staging living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, and closets.

AI Magic

Within 10 seconds our artificial intelligence processes the image to understand its size and style and adds beautiful, realistic-looking furniture.

Download and use anywhere

Once the processing is completed you instantly get your staged photo. You can use your pictures anywhere you want for as long as you want.

Why virtually stage?

Increased buyer interest

Virtual staging has a positive impact on 83% of buyers.

Sell faster

Staged homes sell 73% faster than their non-staged counterparts.

Get higher offers

Homes with virtual staging sell on average for 25% more.

Stand out from the competition

Convince more homeowners by using the latest technology.

What others are saying

Sebastian Zimmerer

Sunnyvale, CA

Love it! Through Virtual Staging AI I can easily stage all my properties rooms and it always creates a WOW-effect with owners when they see the virtual staging generated right on my phone.

Isabelle Li

Bozeman, MT

I use the service to virtually stage the pictures of my rental properties to keep costs down when the profit margin on a listing is low. It really helps get more prospects in the door.

Daniel Jackman

Atlanta, GA

Virtual Staging AI helps to show my clients the potential of a property. The fast turnover time allows me to create the listing in one step without having to wait for a designer to get back to me with the staged images.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a cost-effective method for real estate agents to make properties more appealing to potential buyers. Rather than using traditional home staging techniques, where furniture and decor is physically brought in and arranged, digital technology is used to add furniture, decor and other design elements to a room. This is done through the use of computer software and 3D rendering, creating a virtual representation of a fully furnished and decorated space. By using virtual staging, real estate agents can increase the perceived value of a property and make it more attractive to potential buyers by showing them how the space could look when it is fully furnished and decorated. Additionally, virtual staging can help properties stand out on listing websites by providing visually appealing images that help buyers envision themselves living in the space.

Why should I pick virtual staging over physical staging?

The advantages of virtual staging when it comes to cost savings are quite clear. By eliminating the need to purchase furniture, hire decorators, move in decorations, and spend time decorating a house for staging, virtual staging can significantly reduce the costs when compared to traditional staging by up to 97%. Moreover, virtual staging options are more flexible than traditional methods. There are no limits to the styles of furniture that can be added, as virtual furniture can be sourced from anywhere and added to digital photos. This allows for a much wider range of furniture choices.

What is AI virtual staging?

AI virtual staging is when an artificial intelligence automatically adds furniture to a photo instead of a human designer. Through our proprietary machine learning models Virtual Staging AI can add beautiful, realistic looking furniture with natural lighting to any picture of a living or bedroom making AI virtual staging indistinguishable from human virtual staging or physical home staging. At the same time AI virtual staging is a lot quicker than human virtual staging reducing the wait time from days to seconds and reducing the cost of virtual staging by magnitudes.

What kind of photos do you support?

We currently support living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, home offices and closets and are adding more room types in the coming weeks. As of right now we only support adding furniture into empty rooms, not yet removing furniture from rooms or adding new furniture in rooms with existing furniture. We will add this feature in the coming weeks though.

How long does it take to virtually stage by AI?

It takes about 10 seconds to process the image and generate a virtually staged version.

How big is your furniture library?

Our AI virtual staging doesn’t work with a predefined furniture library. It analyzes every room and based on the style and room types generates furniture that best matches the room. Therefore no two rooms will ever get the same furniture.

I purchased a plan but can’t access it. What should I do?

Please create an account with the same email as you used during checkout. If you don’t get access to your plan after that, scroll down on the pricing page and click the button to restore your plan. If you still don’t have your plan, reach out to us via chat or email.

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