ChatGLM-6B Reviews: an open bilingual language model based on General Language Model (GLM)

About ChatGLM-6B

ChatGLM-6B is an open bilingual language model based on General Language Model (GLM) framework, with 6.2 billion parameters. With the quantization technique, users can deploy locally on consumer-grade graphics cards (only 6GB of GPU memory is required at the INT4 quantization level). ChatGLM-6B uses technology similar to ChatGPT, optimized for Chinese QA and dialogue. The model is trained for about 1T tokens of Chinese and English corpus, supplemented by supervised fine-tuning, feedback bootstrap, and reinforcement learning with human feedback. With only about 6.2 billion parameters, the model is able to generate answers that are in line with human preference. ChatGLM-6B weights are completely open for academic research, and free commercial use is also allowed after completing the questionnaire.

ChatGLM-6B Reviews: an open bilingual language model based on General Language Model (GLM)

ChatGLM-6B 是一个开源的、支持中英双语问答的对话语言模型,基于 General Language Model (GLM) 架构,具有 62 亿参数。结合模型量化技术,用户可以在消费级的显卡上进行本地部署(INT4 量化级别下最低只需 6GB 显存)。ChatGLM-6B 使用了和 ChatGLM 相同的技术,针对中文问答和对话进行了优化。经过约 1T 标识符的中英双语训练,辅以监督微调、反馈自助、人类反馈强化学习等技术的加持,62 亿参数的 ChatGLM-6B 已经能生成相当符合人类偏好的回答。 ChatGLM-6B 权重对学术研究完全开放,在填写问卷进行登记后亦允许免费商业使用


pip install protobuf==3.20.0 transformers==4.27.1 icetk cpm_kernels


可以通过如下代码调用 ChatGLM-6B 模型来生成对话:

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("THUDM/chatglm-6b", trust_remote_code=True)
model = AutoModel.from_pretrained("THUDM/chatglm-6b", trust_remote_code=True).half().cuda()
response, history =, "你好", history=[])
response, history =, "晚上睡不着应该怎么办", history=history)


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ChatGLM-6B is an open-source, bilingual conversational AI LLM based on the General Language Model (GLM) framework. It has 6.2 billion parameters and can be deployed locally with only 6GB of GPU memory. This model allows for natural language processing in both Chinese and English, question answering, task-oriented dialogue, and easy integration via API and demo implementations. The demo is accessible on Hugging Face.

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