Avaturn Reviews:Turn photos into next-gen 3D gaming avatars in seconds

About Avaturn

What is Avaturn?

Avaturn uses AI to transform ordinary selfies into realistic and customizable avatars for use in games, metaverses, and apps. The tool can convert 2D photos into recognizable 3D avatars with pretty great accuracy. Once you’ve got your 3D avatar generated, there are lots of personalization options, including body types, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories. These avatars can then be exported as 3D models into popular 3D development platforms like Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, and Cinema4D. Avaturn avatars are animation-ready, featuring a standard humanoid body rig, ARKit blendshapes, visemes, and compatibility with Mixamo animations and VTubing software.

Avaturn Reviews:Turn photos into next-gen 3D gaming avatars in seconds

Real 3D Avatars from Photo

Discover Avaturn, the next-gen avatar platform that turns your 2D photo into realistic 3D gaming avatars using AI. Experience lifelike, animatable, fully customizable characters. Elevate your gaming adventures like never before. Transform your digital self now!

Create realistic 3D avatar with a selfie, customize, export as 3D model. Developer? Integrate our avatar SDK into your app or metaverse.

A complete solution for creating true-to-life, realistic 3D avatars directly from player selfie.


Realistic and customizable 3D avatars for your metaverse, game, or app


Real 3D Avatars from Photo tech stack

We’re aware of 2 technologies that Avaturn: Real 3D Avatars from Photo is built with. Avaturn: Real 3D Avatars from Photo utilizes products like Google Fonts, Amazon Cloudfront in their tech stack

Avaturn Features

Life-like 3D Avatar from a selfie

Leverage our generative AI to turn a 2D photo into a recognizable and realistic 3D avatar.

Endless options for avatar customization

Body types, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to complete unique look for each and everyone. More than 10,000 looks can be created.

Export anywhere

Export your avatar as 3D model and load it in Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, Cinema4D or any other 3D environment.


The avatars come with standard humanoid body rig, and ARKit blendshapes, and visemes. They are compatible with Mixamo animations, and VTubing software.

Developing game or app? Integrate Avaturn as a plugin.

Leverage unique AI technology to turn gamers into in-game characters while retaining their true identity.


Avaturn Customer Reviews:

“We are quite fascinated with what you guys have built & are eager to deploy that avatar system on our VR software.”

“Excited to be building Scenic AR using Avaturn’s technology. Check them out! The best avatar creator software, that you can embed in your own app :)”

“Thanks to the partnership with #Avaturn, #DeepMotion users are empowered to create realistic and highly detailed avatars for their AI generated animation !”

“Weird to say this, but we want to be paying you guys more ;)”

“I just tried the early access face rig. I’m really impressed with the result!”

An excellent product, with the ability to integrate into all popular platforms. This solution removes a million different problems associated with avatars, their portability between platforms, formats, and the quality of the result. It’s definitely worth integrating into any existing solution that has clients

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