NovelAI Reviews:GPT-powered AI Storyteller

ABout NovelAI

NovelAI is a creative text generator designed to assist with writing and storytelling. The AI is trained on real literature, and can adapt to your input to maintain your perspective and style. The tool includes a customizable theme editor and is accessible from both mobile and PC. You can fully customize your generated story and also import old stories you previously created, the Lorebook feature allows you to keep track of your world and ensure the AI follows its rules. NovelAI makes sure all stories are encrypted for privacy.

NovelAI Reviews:GPT-powered AI Storyteller

What even is NovelAI?

NovelAI is a monthly subscription service for AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a LLM powered sandbox for your imagination.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms create human-like writing based on your own, enabling anyone, regardless of ability, to produce quality literature. We offer unprecedented levels of freedom with our Natural Language Processing playground by using our own AI models, trained on real literature. The AI seamlessly adapts to your input, maintaining your perspective and style.

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Novel Features

Begin your (text) adventure here

With a glazed stare, you watch and ponder what you see in the orb: random images from all around the world. You gaze into the globe and contemplate what these images mean to you. A forest, an ocean, a desert, a mountain range… you spend countless hours staring at the image, pondering its meaning.

> You sigh and rest your weary eyes for a moment, “Mayhaps a break is in order.”

The images in this orb are so strange and foreign that you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at their beauty. Their colors and shapes speak to your soul and leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed. Your thoughts wander. What wonders await you when you look deeper?

Customize the editor how you like.

Design this space for yourself with our theme editor. Freely edit fonts, sizes, and the color scheme at any time.

Take your writing anywhere.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, NovelAI is always accessible to write something new.

Secure your writing.

No one except you will be able to read your stories. Every story stored on our servers is encrypted with XSalsa20.

Steer the AI down a new path.

Using AI Modules, you can draw upon specific themes, replicate famous
writers, or even train one with your own data.

Expand your story’s potential.

Our service keeps up to 8192 tokens of memory, in non-nerd speak, the AI remembers a lot.

Tweak the AI’s output the way you like it.

Take control of the AI with a plethora of options. Keep things consistent, or maybe go a little more random.

Continue your old legacies here.

Import from AIDCAT or AIDWI and revive those stories with a place to stay here.

Customer Reviews

“NovelAI is an amazing tool that just keeps getting better and better. It is a swiss army knife that has the feel of a writing helper to help fuel the writer’s creativity, and a game for users to play with.”


“Amazing, a real successor to AI Dungeon. All the bells and whistles really put you in control of the story, especially the modules.”


“As a hobby writer I use the AI to help me write my stories. Perhaps when I’m running out of ideas or just want to experiment. It’s an extension to my creative writing and it’s absolutely fabulous.”


“I really love the UI and general sense of authorial freedom that comes with Novel AI – the ability to fiddle with systems as much or as little as I please, combined with decent presets for quicker “jump in and go” play makes it worth paying for just for that.”


“Without a good graphics card, I was stuck waiting ages for AI Roguelite to generate any pictures at all. NovelAI’s images are spectacular and fast, and having Krake power my dungeon crawling is awesome!”


There’s a lot to love—responsive devs, privacy, and the ability to write about anything you think of.


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