Nova AI Reviews:an online video editor ai toos

About Nova ai

Nova AI Reviews:an online video editor ai toos

Create stellar videos, cut, trim and collide your clips. Add subtitles, translate and more. Entirely online, no installation is needed.

Nova A.I. is an online video editor that allows you to create and edit videos, it features some handy tools for automatically adding subtitles to your videos and translating them. Alongside the subtitle generator, there is also a video translator, video cutter, video merger, and video resizer. This allows you to easily cut, trim, and merge clips and translate your videos into 75 languages without needing to install any software. Nova A.I lets you adapts your videos to any social media player, and any subtitles you generate can be downloaded in different file formats such as SRT, VTT and TXT.

Most Popular Video Editing Tools

Blast your video editing off the ground and reach new galaxies using Nova A.I. – a simple online video editing tool.

Subtitle Generator

Automatically generate subtitles and hardcode them to your videos. Download SRT, VTT & TXT files.

Text To Speech Generator

Use Nova’s AI speech generator to quickly turn any text to a male or female voiceover.

Video Translator

Translate your TikTok videos, online courses, movies and more into 75 alien languages.

Video Merger

Merge multiple video clips together and save as a single video.

Resize Your Video

Automatically resize your videos. Adapt to any social media player.

Training Available

Our team is dedicated to simplifying video editing for everyone. Therefore training is available for both – large production studios and for everyday content creators.

Book A Demo

For business & enterprise plan owners that want to explore Nova’s A.I. Smart Video Search capabilities.

Nova A.I. Tutorials

For individuals that want to learn how to pilot Nova A.I. creative spaceship for quick video edits.

Top features

Add Text To Video
Add Video Transitions
Add Subtitles
Subtitle Translator
Video Cutter
Search Engine
Full Feature List

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