Marketing Mega Prompts:Prompts for ChatGPT,Bard and Midjourney

About Marketing Mega Prompts

Marketing Mega-Prompts is a hand-crafted collection of 40 marketing ChatGPT prompts for solopreneurs. These prompts let you supercharge your marketing with ChatGPT, and are useful for creating a marketing strategy, improving your landing pages, and creating better content in seconds.

Marketing Mega Prompts:Prompts for ChatGPT,Bard and Midjourney


Define your marketing strategy

Want to improve your execution? Get better at planning

☑️ Define your Positioning Story

☑️ Describe your Marketing Funnel

☑️ Define your Offer & Sales Objections

☑️ Define your Storytelling Arch

Brainstorm ideas

Use ChatGPT to kick-start every task

☑️ Get 30 tweet ideas

☑️ Get 10 influencer marketing ideas

☑️ Get 10 subject line variations

☑️ Get 30 catchy product names

Get honest feedback

Improve your work without talking to anyone

☑️ Talk to a coach for Solopreneurs

☑️ Get your marketing copy reviewed

☑️ Get your new product idea roasted

☑️ Talk to your target audience Persona avatar

Outsource boring tasks

Let ChatGPT do marketing tasks you hate

☑️ Write cold email templates

☑️ Generate questions for customer interviews

☑️ Define your landing page structure

☑️ Create in-depth plans for your content


What are mega prompts?

Yet, short prompts used by AI models, like GPT, have limits. They often don’t fully capture what a user wants. This is where mega-prompts come in. These are longer instructions, typically above 300 words. They detail the user’s intent, helping AI generate more accurate responses.

What are AI prompts for content marketing?

AI prompts are any type of text, data, or question that tells the AI the desired response you seek. These prompts can inspire and generate ideas for limitless content marketing concepts. Before diving into AI-generated prompts, define your content marketing goals.

How do I prompt ChatGPT for marketing?

To prompt ChatGPT for marketing, begin by asking the AI for exactly what you need. Explain your goal or desired outcome and provide additional information such as the industry you work in, details about your target audience, and any deals or news that should be included in the response.

What are ChatGPT prompts?

A ChatGPT prompt is a phrase or instruction you give the ChatGPT AI model to generate a response.

Why can’t I use free ChatGPT prompts?

You can. But most will return mediocre responses you can’t apply to your business. Because ChatGPT doesn’t have enough instructions, formatting rules, and information about you to generate helpful responses. Our mega-prompts solve this problem.

Isn’t ChatGPT only good at creating content?

Content creation is actually the weakest part of ChatGPT. That’s why we don’t have a lot of prompts to generate content. ChatGPT is powerful at brainstorming, problem-solving, and giving objective feedback. This is what 90% of our prompts are about.

How exactly is it tailored to Solopreneurs’ needs?

We cover use cases that most Bootstrapped Founders face every day. And we do it with regard to their marketing budget and capacity. So, don’t expect prompts about hiring, pitching VC, and spending millions on Facebook Ads.

Do I need a paid subscription to ChatGPT?

Paid subscription gives your faster responses and access to GPT-4. It will improve your experience with ChatGPT, but it’s not necessary.

Can I use these prompts in Bard and other tools?

Yes. But keep in mind that we optimized them on ChatGPT responses.

Is it a monthly subscription?

No. You pay once and get lifetime access. If you get the “Marketing Mega-Prompts + Monthly Updates” plan, you will get 6 months of updates for a one-time payment too.

Customers Reviews

I just bought it on your ProductHunt release and started playing around with it. So far, although I have 2 or 3 databases with growth tactics, it surprised me with a couple of interesting ideas. If you make sure the input is personalized to your case, the output can be quite useful, not only generic stuff. I’ll definitely play around with it more as I’m actually looking to present some growth experiments to a startup founder these days.

I should say everything that @kronop makes on behalf of MakerBox is really of use for marketers, especially Product / Growth, so I’ll definitely try this and figure out how it will help me to cut my work routine Good luck on the launch!

Congratulations on your launch. I have been using the prompts you send out at the bottom of your weekly newsletter and it’s been awesome. This prompt database should be a game changer for anyone that gets them. I truly believe you’re doing a great job, keep it up.

Much needed marketing sidekick for all indie hackers, solopreneur’s and early startup founders. Many leave marketing and end up building products with ZERO reach. They’re leaving money on the table. Sveta & Dan have done wonders before and now again with this ?

Love the logic of basing the value around your creativity rather than the LLM output. You are leveraging him to get the better out of you ? What a smart move ??

I’m someone who never paid for prompts before. I typically write my own to a great deal of success. Additionally I’ve had a collection of websites and various sources including prompt creation websites. But as someone who is in the middle of a startup, and after reading some of the design principles and reviews I decided to check it out expecting to be disappointed. After receiving the prompts after purchase I was going through them just to see what topics they cover. Honestly I would have been happy if I could only use 5. But I found many more than I anticipated and their quality and outputs actually really suprised me. The time saved from these prompts was a no doubter for me. They are worth their weight in gold and I’m glad I went with the bigger option and look forward to the next sets of 5. Don’t even doubt it, they are worth every cent.Read less

The first question/reaction you may have is… Why is this trending or is this even a product (pshhht, please, seen them all!). However, after downloading and reviewing, here’s what I believe makes these prompts superior to others generated on a mass scale without thought: – Intention: these were very well-thought-out prompts – Context: most prompts lack context; this provides a good amount of context – Detail: in addition to context, the level of detail is highly relevant, yet ‘modular’ in nature. – Updates: given how fast this tech is evolving, I appreciate the six months of updates. Well done and looking forward to the subsequent prompts each month!

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