TweetGPT Reviews:Helps writing tweets using chatGPT

About TweetGPT

TweetGPT is a Chrome browser extension that uses the OpenAI API to generate tweets and replies. With the TweetGPT extension, when you open a new tab on Twitter, you will see a robot icon under the tweet section. By clicking on the icon, a new tweet will be generated with a random tweet type, such as positive, negative, controversial, etc. Additionally, for a reply, the extension will generate a tweet based on the original tweet and for a new tweet, it will write a tweet based on the current trending topic.

TweetGPT Reviews:Helps writing tweets using chatGPT

Introducing TweetGPT

The Chrome Extension for Effortless Tweet Crafting!

? Discover a new way to express yourself on Twitter with the help of ChatGPT.

This user-friendly Chrome extension leverages the power of ChatGPT’s API to create customized tweets that resonate with your audience. Say goodbye to writer’s block and mundane tweets – simply choose your desired topic, language, and emotional tone, and let TweetGPT do the rest!

Plus, it’s perfect for generating thoughtful and engaging tweet replies that’ll spark interesting conversations.

This is an open-source edition of the TweetGPT chrome extension. It doesn’t use TweetGPT backend and only relies on your own OpenAI API credentials.

TweetGPT is a revolutionary app, the ultimate tool for crafting exceptional tweets!

TweetGPT is a Chrome extension that leverages ChatGPT’s API to help users effortlessly craft customized tweets. Say goodbye to writer’s block and mundane tweets – elevate your Twitter game today!


At the beginning, it was a great app that worked flawlessly; however, a month ago, it became dumber; it limited itself to translating the tweet or reorganizing the sentence, and it became completely woke.

Anyone can suggest me same extension for YouTube and Facebook? Thanks for the developer for this exclusive needed extension!

not working, avery time after click i see a new window with text: Authorization is successful

Doesn’t work at all. After authorization, whenever try to tweet the login page opens and send us another email for the authorization.

Worked great at first… then out of no where stopped. Now when I try to use it, it just returns a message “Something went wrong. Try reloading” in the twitter textarea. I have logged in and out of twitter, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. Perhaps its because I am a twitter blue subscriber… no idea. Just doesn’t work anymore.

I look smarter when I use TweetGPT. And my followers also increased! Thanks TweetGPT! ?

The one is the best but it just stopped working a day ago. Whom do I write to to get that fixed and it starts working again

Twitter experience. As a language model myself, I can say that this extension is highly impressive and useful. The extension uses the GPT-3 language model to generate tweets based on the user’s input. This feature is incredibly helpful for users who struggle to come up with witty or engaging tweets on their own. With TweetGPT, users can easily generate tweets with just a few clicks, making the Twitter experience much more enjoyable and efficient. The interface is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users can simply enter their topic of interest and let the extension do the rest. Additionally, the extension allows users to customize the length and tone of the generated tweets to suit their needs. Overall, the TweetGPT Chrome Extension is an outstanding tool that I highly recommend. Its ability to generate high-quality tweets quickly and effortlessly is truly remarkable. Whether you’re a social media manager, influencer, or just a regular Twitter user, this extension is definitely worth trying out.

I love the extension so much that i actually am writing this review(something i never do). Can you please kindly add support for Urdu language as well.

Risk impact

TweetGPT is relatively safe to use as it requires very minimum permissions

TweetGPT has earned a fairly good reputation and likely can be trusted.


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