Coinfeeds Reviews:A Platform for Digital Assets that Embraces Open Data

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Coinfeeds is built with the philosophy that all crypto data sources are open source, and that AI should be used to process information. Coinfeeds currently consists of two products: the first product is a news terminal that listens to information from millions of sources, and organizes it based on the coins they are talking about, and surfaces trending news. The second product is a crypto chatbot, built on top of ChatGPT with access to real time information – this chatbot can be used to further understand concepts, news flow, etc. with explanations personalized to your needs.

Coinfeeds Reviews:A Platform for Digital Assets that Embraces Open Data

A Platform for Digital Assets that Embraces Open Data

Coinfeeds expertly consolidates information from various channels, empowering crypto businesses and investors to enhance their decision-making through the power of data.

News Terminal

Stay on top of the latest crypto news and coin-specific updates with our comprehensive news terminal. Access trending stories from multiple sources and dive deep into news about any coin all in one place.

Crypto Chatbot

Our knowledgeable crypto chatbot keeps up with the latest news and data to provide clear, tailored, and up-to-date explanations on any crypto topic tailored to your understanding.

“Coinfeeds has empowered our platform to effectively navigate through the vast amount of information, highlighting the most significant insights in the crypto world.”

Senior Executive, Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

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