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Playlist AI

The best app and ChatGPT plugin for making playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Create playlists from AI prompts, music festival posters, tiktoks, and your most-liste...


What is PlaylistAI?

PlaylistAI is an app and ChatGPT plugin that helps users create playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. It uses AI prompts, music festival posters, TikToks, and user listening history to generate personalized playlists.

Generate music playlists with AI

Describe what you want to listen to and AI will make the perfect mix

Discover music with AI

PlaylistAI was built to give you the power to make a playlist for any moment, right when you need it.

Smart suggestions

Quick playlist suggestions based on your time and day

Turn any thought into a playlist

Enter a prompt like “Early 2000’s pop music” or “Lo-fi study music” and AI will make the perfect mix

Revisit your favorite music

Create personalized playlists featuring the top tracks and artists in your listening history

PlaylistAI’s Core Features

Generate personalized playlists with AI prompts
Create playlists based on your most-listened-to music
Advanced audio filters for specificity in music selection
Instant playlists from music festival posters
Find friends of your favorite artists to create playlists
Blend genres together for diverse music recommendations
Identify songs in TikTok videos and add similar music to a playlist