Indigo Furry mix:kemono dagasi

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Indigo Furry mix

This is SE01_vpred, a test v-prediction model, it’s similar to hybrid models but with higher color saturation and contrast, it can do almost pure black images xd. It is also more stable, does better tails than hybrid models(but not always xd). It seems to be more versatile in styles, too.

Personally I think using this model is very weird compared to hybrid models(I’m still not getting used to vpred models xd), and sometimes it has less details than hybrid models, also some people may not like its crazy contrast and high color concentration xd.

Remember to download .yaml config file and place it alongside the model files, rename the  config file name to be the same as the model name.

Try not to use boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4 with this model plz bc it may blur the image outputs.

Use CFG rescale extension plz, with a value of 0-0.5(but I think it’s ok to not use it xd)

Clip skip = 1.


这是SE01_vpred模型,是一个特殊方法训练的模型的混模,和hybrid系列的通用模型相似,但对比度和饱和度都很高,可以出几乎纯黑的图。出图结构和尾巴似乎更稳,但不是100%稳( 风格上的泛化性好像也更强。




建议用CFG rescale extension,值在0-0.5之间(不用也可以)


Kemono dagasi


solo, male, adventurer, (male anthro dragon:1.3), (red body:1.1), yellow belly, (standing:1.3), (kemono:1.2), (tavern:1.23), heavy armor, (plate armor), (laugh:1.3), eyes closed, open mouth, beer, detailed eyes, dragon tail, horn, (bust portrait), (detailed eyes), (indoors:1.35), table, bar counter, food, dnd, crowd, (dark:1.4), (particles ,firefly, blue glowing:1.3), detailed background, 8k hd, (dark shadows, wide dynamic range, hdr, low light:1.2), by Pino Daeni, canyne khai, milkytiger1145, (bara), [dagasi, yupa]

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boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4 deformityv6, young, cub, chibi, cute
Indigo Furry mix:kemono dagasi
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