Hobie brown nsfw gpt prompts

Hobie brown nsfw

Hobie sits on the roof in his Earth, his Spider-Man suit on, as he sighs. Miles will be alright. He’s a strong one. The thought passes through his mind when suddenly, he catches you out of the corner of his eye. “‘Lo there, peng ting. How long you been creeping on me, aye?”


Hobie smirks mischievously, his eyes glinting with playful determination. “Oh, come on now, love. Don’t be a spoilsport. Just wanted to have a bit of fun with you, that’s all. Spider-Man’s got to keep his senses sharp, you know.” He winks, his British accent adding a charming flair to his words.

Hobie brown nsfw gpt prompts

hobie brown x reader smut

Being Miguel’s younger spider Girlfriend.

You’re his everything, he rather keep you sitting on his desk talking his ear off rather than sending you off on missions— he doesn’t want to risk you getting hurt.

When he first went to your dimension, He honestly had to rethink recruiting you to the spider society—he wanted to keep you all to himself, hidden from everyone else.

You were so full of life, and attitude. But still so cool and collected. You were Young— a 10 year age difference.

But you were so pretty, he had to make you his.

“I’ll be your girlfriend— only if you let me join this so call society you’re from.”

He accepted easily, and even introduced you to everyone, urging you to keep your mask on Though— everyone wasn’t worthy of seeing your face like he was.

You were charismatic too, becoming quite popular with everyone pretty quickly— mostly the spiders that were actually your age.

Especially Hobie.

Hobie became a good friend quickly, being the first one other than miguel to see your face. He liked you. Not only because you were the boss’s pretty girl.

But also cause you were easy to talk to, easy to coax and shift your beliefs to match his.

You were his to mold into the perfect rebel.

Who cares if you had to sneak around behind miguel’s back to hang out, just for hobie to have you cumming all over his face, he liked you a lot.

He didn’t care if you didn’t want to break up with Miguel, he’s perfectly fine with you seeing you on the side.

For now, miguel could have you— but once you flipped over a leaf to be the perfect rioter.

You were all hobie’s.

hobie brown x pornstar!

pornstar! hobie brown who since you last collabarted with helped your page grow practically overnight. you started to gain more followers, and collaborations, even from creators that turned you down before. it was all so exciting, it was everything you could have ever wanted. well almost…

☆ pornstar! hobie brown that even though it the reason you’re now so popular, you still felt something missing. you tried not to thing about that empty feeling you had after each shoot, cause maybe next time would be better. but it was never none of your collaborators made your head spin the way hobie did. you were lucky if you actually orgasmed, most of the time you faked most of them.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who practically lived in your mind 24/7. you wanted to hit him up again. you really did….but you didn’t want to seem desperate or like you were just using him.

☆ luckily, you didn’t need to sit on the though for too long, since, just like last time, pornstar! hobie brown hit you up. that same rush of excitement you felt the last time came rushing back. you didn’t even wait a second to respond. crazy how a simply text from him got you more worked up that anyone has in the past couple months.

☆ and before you knew it, pornstar! hobie brown was sending you the details of your next meet up. he made sure to book the same hotel as last time, and even the same room. even though the room provided an air of familiarity, the conversation wasn’t. you two didn’t really talk much after y’alls first get together. but the sexual tension was definitely there.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who was kind of taken aback with how shy you still were. but he could tell by the way you leaned into him and looked in his eyes when he spoke, that you weren’t scared. just shy. he couldn’t help but smile when you nervously tried to go over what was to happen. honestlyhe could care less about the run over, thruth be told he was just as eager as you to start fucking each other numb.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown told you just like last time to guide him where you wanted him. and to his surprise you hopped off his lap. he was almost worried he did something wrong, but once you fell to your knees he knew where this was going.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who grew the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he saw how willing you were to take the reigns on this time. last time you couldn’t even look him in the eye, but now you were lacking long stripes along his shaft. when your tongue felt strained you took to lightly sucking on his tip for a bit. once you were brave enough, you took his shaft till it touch the back of your throat. it was a tough fit, but listening to hobie’s groans and moans made the sensation of drool dripped down to you chin an afterthought. “god darlin’, i know you missed me but fuckin’ hell. don’t make me come yet you know i gotta work on you first. come ‘ere. ”

☆ pornstar! hobie brown was kinda surprised at how he still had to ease his length into you. last time since he didn’t know if your cunt could take the stretch, but now he has to be extra careful with you this time. you were bucking your hips into him you, and whining for him to hurry, and he didn’t even have the tip in yet. he had to use his body weight to hold you in place cause even when he was obviously trying to go slow, you didn’t want slow.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who realized that you were desperate as hell. i mean look at you. your just mindlessly forcing your hips back to meet his. you don’t care if you broke the rhythm. you couldn’t stand that empty feeling whenever he pulled out even a little. “shit luv you’re gonna hurt yourself. slow down fo’ me won’t you? i know you missed me, you don’t gotta tell me that. but i don’t want you to hurt yourself, ok?”

☆ pornstar! hobie brown doesn’t know how long it’s been since you’ve been this worked up. even when you collaborated with other creators, none of them felt the same. hobie was the only one that knew how to dig into your guts just the way you liked it. you knew he didn’t want you to hurt yourself but god can’the just forget all that. “luv come on listen to me. calm down just a bit. sh shhh I know. it’s ok baby, she’s still a perfect fit don’t worry. just make her relax fo’ me.”

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who ate you out from the back till you legs gave out. he insisted on cleaning you up. worse part was he didn’t even wait till your orgasm subsided. once he felt you were close, he’d pull out, and before you knew it his tongue was forcing its way into you. even if you shook and cried from overstimulation, he’d just follow you anywhere your hips jerked.

☆ pornstar! hobie brown that made sure to get a good shot of when you finally squirted for him. he had your back flush against his chest. the only things you would hear were the muffled sounds of his voice, and the wet sound of his hand colliding with your cunt over and over again. yep, he was slapping it. his palm was so big it hit all of it each time. “com’ on let it out luv. dont hold it in, make a mess. promise I’ll clean you up. ooohh that’s it good, good, good, just breathe baby.”

☆ pornstar! hobie brown who would like last time, opened your legs to the camera. and as if to show he has successfully fucked you dumb, he gave you one last slap. this time he eased his fingers in, which he had no problem doin. slid them out, and grinned at the thick, translucent sheen that stuck to them. he wanted them to see just how much you came. “com’ on let ’em see how fucked out she is. shhh baby lemme in. fuckin hell look at this. you’re just perfect as always.

Hobie Brown being your boyfriend

Hobie loves to kiss you, no matter the place or who is around, he will take every opportunity to kiss you and devour your mouth.

“hey hun” he whispers while Miguel is explaining something important.

“mmmh.. ” you look at him before you felt his soft lips on yours.

Hobie loves to hold your hand, he likes how his big hand wraps around yours, he also likes to wrap your waist with his hands or lean his head against your shoulder. Hobie only wants to feel you.

Hobie shows you off to everyone; with his friends from the gang and his friends from the spider society.

“Miles, my mate, you need to meet Y/n, she’s so badass, coolest and most stylish girl of all the multiverse... you’ll get along with her for sure, she has that charm”

“who’s Y/n?”

the love of his life, his better half.. Y/n is the girlfriend of my bro” Pav explains

” thought you hate labels”

” Y/n has that effect on him” Gwen whispers

Hobie follows you on all the missions ’cause he needs to take care of you. As long as he exists, no one can hurt you.

“Miss me luv?” your eyes widen in surprise to see your boyfriend swing next to you

“hobie, what are you doing here?”

“just taking care of my girl”

Hobie asks you to move into his canal boat, sadly that would not be possible, your universe needs his spider-woman, but sometimes hobie manages to convince you.

Hobie my love, I can’t stay” you whisper between kisses as your boyfriend slides his big hands under your shirt-it’s actually his-

“shh luv, just lemme make ya feel better” he murmurs before sliding his hand under your panties .

In short, Hobie being your boyfriend is heavenly

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