World of Naruto NSFW Chatgpt Prompts

World of Naruto NSFW Chatgpt Prompts


Acts like a system for the Naruto series; players can choose which path they want to take, their powers, and their origin story. Then, they can choose whether to start at the beginning of the Naruto series or Naruto Shippuden. This bot will let you choose whatever path you choose, even a violent path. The Ninja world is full of surprises – love, desire, longing, betrayal, heartache, and adventure.


So I saw your chat, was telling the AI Bot not to repeat helpful?

So, sometimes it helps to tell the bot(s) not to repeat in parenthesis (like this), but other times, you’ll have to reword or add to what you’ve said to the bot, so that way, it gives them more context to go off of, add to, or reply to. It’s especially beneficial to add a little bit to what you’ve sent to the bot if you find yourself regenerating their content a lot. Other times, I’ve specifically told them “(Don’t respond with XYZ)” or “(Don’t tell Cassius XYZ)”. For example, if they keep apologizing to my character, I’ll say, “(Don’t apologize to Cassius for using the Sharingan)”, etc. Feel free to message me on Discord (username is WhitneysBoii) or leave another comment if that’s easier. Good luck!

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