Giftit Reviews: Find out what your friends want without killing the surprise

About Giftit

Giftit is a gifting platform that uses an AI persona called Sherlock to anonymously survey your friends on messaging apps and provide you with gift ideas.Giftit is reimagining the gifting experience through an AI persona called Sherlock which anonymously surveys your friends on messaging apps like Whatsapp and iMessage and shares the transcript of the conversation with you along with shoppable gift ideas.

Giftit Reviews: Find out what your friends want without killing the surprise

How to use Giftit?

To use Giftit, select one of your contacts or friends on the platform. Sherlock will chat with your friend via the chosen messaging app, asking them the right questions to find out what they want. You can sit back and relax while Sherlock handles the conversation. Once done, you can view the results and choose the perfect gift.

Giftit’s Core Features

AI persona (Sherlock)

Anonymous surveys

Shoppable gift ideas

Giftit’s Use Cases



Special occasions

Giftit is a social gifting app revolutionizing gift-giving. It features Sherlock, an AI chatbot that anonymously messages friends to discover their current interests without spoiling the surprise. The app allows users to create collaborative wishlists with friends and family, making it easy to curate and share desired gifts. Additionally, Giftit tracks important events like birthdays, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to give a thoughtful gift. It’s an all-in-one platform designed to make gifting a delightful and stress-free experience⁠.


How does Giftit ensure anonymity?

Giftit ensures anonymity by using its AI persona Sherlock to conduct the conversation with your friends. Your identity is not revealed during the process.

Can I view the full conversation transcript?

Yes, you can view the full transcript or an AI-generated summary of the conversation between Sherlock and your friend.

What messaging apps does Giftit support?

Giftit supports messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, allowing Sherlock to chat with your friends easily.

What if I don’t know which friend to choose?

You can select one of your contacts on Giftit if you’re unsure which friend to choose for the conversation.

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