AI Human Generator:Use AI to generate people online that don’t exist, change clothing and modify face and body traits

About AI Human Generator

Human Generator is a free tool offered by Generated Photos which allows you to easily create realistic fake people with just a few clicks. It uses advanced AI to generate incredibly lifelike full-body photos of people that don’t exist. You can customize traits like ethnicity, age, clothing, and body type to get the perfect fake human. It’s free for non-commercial use and great for prototyping, gaming, or populating scenes!

AI Human Generator:Use AI to generate people online that don't exist, change clothing and modify face and body traits

Use AI to generate people online that don’t exist, change clothing and modify face and body traits

AI Human Generator:Use AI to generate people online that don't exist, change clothing and modify face and body traits

Here is a sneak peek at some other exciting features that will come to Human Generator soon

Frequently asked questions

Is Human Generator free?

Human Generator is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use images produced by Human Generator in commercial projects, contact us.

Who are the generated humans?

Generated humans are produced by AI based on the millions of legally-sourced images seen by the model. Since generated humans do not exist, their images are safe to use without a model release for all purposes that do not violate the law.

Some results look strange, offensive, or illegal. What to do?

AI occasionally might produce images with weird or unacceptable content, which is not intended. We’re striving to minimize such instances, but if you come across any, click the Report inappropriate content button next to the generated image.

The resulting images can also depend on user-provided prompts, so we’ve taken precautions to avoid harmful content. Nevertheless, users should exercise smart and careful judgment when interacting with the technology.

Will my generated content be available to other users?

All your generated content is visible only to you, unless you share your account credentials with someone else.

How do you use uploaded faces?

We do not employ uploaded faces for machine learning or any other purpose, nor do we assert any rights to reuse them. We keep your images secure until you delete them. To do this, hover over an uploaded image and click the trash icon. After deletion, you’ll have 7 days to revisit the content generated with uploaded faces through the unique links. After this period, uploaded faces will be replaced with random synthetic faces.

Is the number of generated images limited?

Currently, we do not have any limits to the number of humans you can generate.

The generated human resembles a real person. Is it safe to use this image?

If you include the name of a celebrity or another famous person in the text prompt or upload a photo of a real person while generating an image, you cannot use the photos obtained in such a way without a consent of the real model or their authorized representatives. Generated Media assumes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use of such photos.

What resolutions and file formats are supported?

The resolution of photos produced by Human Generator varies from 512×512 to 1024×1024 px. The output format is JPG. If you need larger images, you can use Smart Upscaler. If you need something special, contact our team.

Do you store my generated content?

Each generated image has a unique link that you can copy from the address bar or using the ‘Copy link’ button under the image. Using this link, you can access your generated content at any time.

How to create human with AI?

Select any ready-made template or start a new design project from scratch.

  1. Access the AI person image generator. On the editor, navigate to the sidebar, look for Apps, and then choose the Text to Image app.
  2. Generate faces with face-generating AI. …
  3. Add your own flair. …
  4. Download or share.

Can AI create a person?

Fotor AI Face Generator utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic and customizable AI person or face. Whether you’re a digital artist, content creator, or designer, Fotor’s AI Face Generator provides you with a versatile tool to create unique and lifelike faces for your projects.

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