这是一个很意思的Midjourney Prompt案例,堪称经典,AI时代的寻人启事,有人利用提示词跑出来了,这照片一放出来,估计评论区全是要微信的,案例如下:

捞一个昨天下午在逸夫楼看到的女生,没有照片,这是我凭印象写的midjourney prompt:

/imagine prompt: color photo of a longhaired girl carrying a backpack in a hallwaybrown hair, loose and wavy, tied back witha scrunchie, denim jacket, patterned backpack- indoor, in a high school hallway – youthful,carefree, energetic – Canon EOS R5, KodakPortra 400 film, Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USMlens, natural lighting – Greta Gerwig, RachelMorrison, Petra Collins, Urban Outfitters, FreePeople -c 10 -ar 2:3



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