Dreamily AI Reviews:a creative AI companion for anyone seeking for new stories

About Dreamily AI

Dreamily, a creative AI companion for anyone seeking for new stories. You can create a world and start a story with this world, or speak with its characters.

Dreamily AI Reviews:a creative AI companion for anyone seeking for new stories

「Example: The Dark Side」
Jackson is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Hope, whom he broke up with recently after an argument. On top of this, he also tries to keep a secret from her, which would ruin the relationship entirely if she found out. His secret is that he is a street fighter who fights for money, and he has no intention of stopping this lifestyle anytime soon.

reamily is a fun and exciting AI text generator which lets you create fictional stories utilizing both yours and the AI’s creativeness. Simply give your story a title, write a few words to begin your story and click on “Dreamily, Go!“. The AI will continue your story for you with 3 different outcomes to choose from. If you don’t like any of the outcomes you can just click on “another” from the top right to generate more!

There are also 5 styles to choose from which changes up the outcomes for even more possibilities. Currently there are 5 styles available:

  • Creative
  • General
  • Romance
  • Pure Love
  • Fantasy

Mixing up between the different styles will ensure you get a different outcome every time. If you’re trying to keep your story consistent however, it might be best to stick to just one of two styles. Dreamily is definitely worth checking out as it seems to be completely free to use for now while it’s in beta!

Customer Reviews

Edit: Sadly, the story feature that I mentioned as free before is not free anymore. As an early user, I used Dreamily when it was completely free. Simple, but entertaining. I could write for hours on end. But damn, this new update is painful for a broke student like me. The AI isn’t as good as before, and I can’t generate words anymore because of the paywall. The disappointment is just crushing, so I’ll be uninstalling. Thanks for the memories though. It was nice while it lasted.

Ehhh it’s mid ??. Could be better if there wasn’t a pay check every single sentence. I guess I just missed when it was free…fun, and there was no worlds so we couldn’t go to people worlds. Now, I don’t even understand what the AI is responding to. It’s just…weird, but, thanks for the happy moments, I’ll sadly have to uninstall it. I’ll come back to update in the future one day, but for now. Be dead… Goodbye?

There are glitches where I can’t type or it moves back to the top, but those are managable, and after a while, you get used to them. To be honest, the paywall doesn’t bother me, but the ai could be better. It keeps trying to introduce a character named “Charlotte” even though that name has never showed up before, and it does this every time I try to use the ai. But the storytelling is fun, you just have to accept the downsides if you want the upsides.


Is Dreamily AI any good?

Not only was I able to create engaging narratives, but I was also able to bring my characters to life in ways I never imagined. Dreamily AI did not just take my characters on extraordinary adventures; it transcended the boundaries of my creativity.

How does Dreamily AI work?

Dreamily is an AI-assisted book-writing tool that helps users create stories. It allows users to specify the number of words in each step and to enable or disable the completion of sentences at each step.

How much does Dreamily cost?

There is a free version to play around with, but if you want full access to all of the best features, it will cost $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

Is Dreamily app free?

Designed for Android version 7.0+. Dreamily is FREE to download. Dreamily, a creative AI companion for anyone seeking for new stories.

How do you use dreamily in a sentence?


  • ‘I have lots of happy memories,’ she said dreamily.
  • He gazed dreamily out of the window.

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