Storywizard Reviews:Create incredible children’s stories in no time using AI

About Storywizard

Storywizard helps you generate unique and engaging children’s stories with stunning illustrations, using only AI. Simply upload your photos and answer a few questions about your story and characters, the AI will bring your ideas to life with educational and entertaining stories. Storywizard uses advanced technology and human oversight to ensure all generated content is appropriate for children.

Storywizard Reviews:Create incredible children’s stories in no time using AI

Create incredible children’s stories in no time using AI

We reimagine the way children learn by harnessing the power of AI to create personalized and engaging educational experiences.

Learning assignments & Progress tracking

Creating engaging and interactive assignments for your students has never been easier:

  • Track student progress in real-time
  • No email or user/password required to access assignments
  • Set the vocabulary for the assignments
  • Specify the desired tense and English proficiency level
  • Instantly access dictionary definitions with just one click
  • Provide timely feedback to improve learning outcomes
  • Assignments can be completed both in-class and at home

AI tools for teachers & educators

Learn how helps teachers and educators enhance their teaching practices and improve student engagement with advanced AI tools and resources. Discover the advances of AI in the field of education and get early access on our education page.

It’s super easy and fun

We use the latest advances in generative AI to bring your ideas to life and the results are incredible. By asking you just a few simple questions we can create beautiful and educational stories, with gorgeous images for you to enjoy and share with friends and family.

Customer reviews for Storywizard

Ivan Pinheiro

Excellent tool to illustrate any parody or short story regardless of theme. The interesting thing is that you write a script in the free text model and it inserts elements that make the story more dramatic. Very good

Dima Broslavsky

The fact that a wonderful story is created with just a few clicks is magical! My kids love the experience and I don’t have to make up new stories anymore!

Illa Milesi

Storywizard helps any student, especially those with special needs, to improve their writing skills. It is a also a great way to involve students in a project, and improve their collaboration skills.

Claudia Fisanotti

Storywizard is such a powerful tool! It combines language and creativity. It’s so easy to use, you’d be amazed with what it can do in just a few clicks….And the stories are just perfect! They motivate my students to read more!

Veronica Torres

This thing is incredible, seriously. We have so much fun as a family coming up with crazy story ideas and watching them come to life. I would recommend it to any parent.

Storywizard FAQ

What is

Using the latest advances in generative AI (and a ton of magic), we’ve built a unique experience for parents and their kids to effortlessly create wonderful stories and images that are enjoyable and fun.

Is it safe for my child?

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We invest in state-of-the-art technology and algorithms to automatically detect and remove inappropriate content for children. In addition, content created with Storywizard is constantly being reviewed and we work with industry experts and child development specialists to continuously improve our platform and make it as safe and high-quality as possible.

Is Storywizard free?

Storywizard offers the option to create one story completely free of charge.

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