MGAI Reviews:your AI wingman for online dating

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About MGAI

MGAI is your AI wingman for online dating, developed by AI platform Novo AI and dating coach Ice White. It provides you with exactly what to say next to women on dating apps or social media, plus with extra context and advice. It combines AI with human expert advice for optimal messaging and profiles. MGAI also includes bonuses, such as a paperback copy of the bestselling book The Message Game, shipped to you for free, and gives you access to monthly webinars to improve your Tinder profile. MGAI can be accessed via Telegram or Messenger.

MGAI Reviews:your AI wingman for online dating

Advantages Of MGAI

  • MGAI uses data that has been tried and tested manually by thousands of men around the world, collected over a period of more than 5 years.
  • MGAI understands that the user is a heterosexual male, and understands that the goal is to actually get a date.
  • MGAI sifts out all the bullshit advice and unhelpful data that other AI bots would collect.
  • MGAI extracts data from a specific set of quality sources that is highly targeted towards its goal and use case, rather than being plagued by Reddit advice and generic blog content scattered across the Internet.
  • MGAI includes a community built exclusively for MGAI users.
  • MGAI includes monthly recorded and live webinars to help improve men’s Tinder photos and bios. Also covering Instagram.
  • MGAI involves a human feedback loop, which enables users to flag bad responses to a section of the MGAI Community. This will then be collected, manually analyzed and fed back into the AI to train MGAI even further. This is done on a regular basis.
  • Message Game Wingman can be considered an earlier non-AI version of this service.

What you’ll experience

In addition to the AI Wingman

? More than 57000 AI responses sent

? MGAI learns and improves every 4 minutes and 37 seconds

? First ever AI wingman that comes with a book (FREE SHIPPING)

✅ Created by real dating experts

? Tried and tested by thousands of men

? Join the MGAI Community

Customer review

Seriously. I’ve had dates every night the past week and at this age a guy can only stay up til am so many times before it starts to wear you down.


I went from one date this year to 5 dates in a week. I even used it with a random person on Instagram and it worked flawlessly.


Ice. Brother. I bought this 2 days ago and a girl I met on bumble just left my apartment 5 mins ago. Wtf bro!!

Sam CUser

MGAI landed me a date! It’s an awesome tool. Pretty congruent to how it spells too

Marcos RUser

Just wanted you to know I got my first Tinder lay last night. The book, MGAI, and my past experience helped. Thanks, man!

Alex GUser

My dating game has transformed since I started using MGAI. The tips and insights provided were spot on, and I’ve connected with some incredible people. Thank you!

KimSatisfed user

Message Game AI 

(MGAI Beta) is an AI bot hosted via Telegram to help you message your Tinder matches and any other messaging interactions you have in the context of online dating.

Following the huge success of the bestselling book The Message Game in the field of online dating, readers asked if there could be an AI version that helps men message women in order to get dates. However, this idea has been recently popularized outside of the Game Global community too. So we looked into it.

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