Pluto Reviws:AI Stock Trading Platform

About Pluto

Pluto is an automated trading platform designed for both stock and cryptocurrency trading. It provides advanced investing automations, refined strategies, and valuable insights derived from big data, all completely free. Pluto features an intelligent assistant named Plato, who utilizes real-time data to deliver personalized investing insights. The tool allows you to set specific conditions and criteria, such as trading certain stocks when others miss earnings or investing in specific sectors during market downturns.

Pluto Reviws:AI Stock Trading Platform

Meet Pluto, your investing copilot

I want to invest in AAPL when TSLA misses earnings.

I want to invest in healthcare stocks when the market is down.

Invest in airlines when the fed lowers rates.

I want to invest in stocks that are going to grow in the next 5 years.

I want to trade SPY based on MSFT and SNAP’s RSI and Moving Averages.

Harness the Power of AI and Real-time Data

Pluto isn’t your average investing copilot. With access to a wealth of high-grade, real-time data, Pluto delivers precise and personalized investing insights, helping you make informed decisions.

A Universe of Data at Your Fingertips

It’s like having a personal finance analyst that never sleeps. Pluto has access to an expansive collection of data including real-time price movements, market patterns, social sentiment, short interest, fundamentals, earnings calls and more.

Actionable Insights in Real-Time

Pluto goes beyond presenting raw data. Pluto interprets this data in real-time and uses it to help you make informed decisions based on your unique perspectives on market trends and opportunities.

Key Features

Explore, build, and trade. Pluto is designed with you in mind, offering a suite of advanced tools to streamline your investing journey. From customizable data dashboards to automated trading rules, Pluto puts you in control.

Your AI Copilot

Plato isn’t just a feature – it’s an integrated part of Pluto. It helps you comprehend complex financial data, tailors automations to your needs, and provides a conversational experience like no other. Whether you need data visualizations or insightful analysis, Plato is along for your ride in the world of investing.

Data Universe

Pluto provides a universe of data, ready for you to explore. From real-time price movements and market patterns to social sentiment, fundamentals, and earnings calls, our platform aggregates and presents a comprehensive view of the market. With Pluto, you are equipped with the data you need to make informed investment decisions.

Smart Automations

Automations on Pluto aren’t just trading bots. They are powerful tools that enable you to set rules for your investment strategy. Whether it’s buying a particular stock when a certain condition is met or monitoring the market 24/7 on your behalf, automations free up your time and remove emotional bias from your investing.

Visual Exploration

The Canvas feature allows you to visually explore the financial market like never before. Turn simple prompts into beautiful, AI-generated data visualizations that reveal deep insights. Whether you’re exploring the US economy or a specific stock, Canvas makes the data speak.

Integrated Investing

With Pluto, you can seamlessly transition from market research to trade execution. No fussing with third-party connections. Open a Pluto Portfolio, powered by Alpaca, and get access to additional data, insights, personalized analysis, and powerful tools to apply risk controls to your trades. It’s all your investing needs under one roof.

Future Insights

Pluto allows you to schedule regular prompts for Pluto to answer. This could range from a summary of Apple’s quarterly earnings call to regular updates on your investment performance.

what our community has to say

David K.

Web Developer

As a developer, I love using the Pluto trading platform because it offers a fun and easy way to automate and test trades with your own algorithms!


New Investor

I’m rather new to trading but Pluto helped me a lot with its clean and simple layout. The great team behind it will support you all the time, and you can talk to them in any way that works for you— from weekly Q&As and private messages and emails.

Get Ahead with Daily AI Insights

Just as the market ebbs and flows, Plato tirelessly updates every dawn and dusk, ensuring you’re always equipped with fresh insights for your investing journey.

A Bounce Back for S&P 500 and Nasdaq, Crypto Takes a Dip

  • ? The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are predicted to bounce back, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have seen a drop in value.
  • ? This is a mixed bag for investors. While the bounce back of S&P 500 and Nasdaq is a positive sign, the dip in crypto could be a cause for concern for crypto investors.
  • ?️ Market fluctuations are a common occurrence, and while the specifics may vary, the general trend of ups and downs is a constant in the financial world.
  • ? Investors should keep an eye on these developments and be prepared for potential market fluctuations.

Qualcomm-Apple Chip Supply Agreement, AstraZeneca CEO Rumors, and Antitrust Showdown

  • ? The top news stories include a chip supply agreement between Qualcomm and Apple, rumors of AstraZeneca’s CEO stepping down, and an antitrust conflict between Apple and Google.
  • ? These developments could have significant impacts on the respective companies’ stocks and the tech sector as a whole.
  • ?️ Tech companies have always been at the forefront of market news, and these developments are no exception.
  • ? Investors in these companies should monitor these situations closely.

Stocks Grind Higher As Dollar Weakens, Tesla Rockets On Analyst Boost

  • ? Stocks on Wall Street had a positive start to the week, with all major stock averages posting modest gains. Tesla and Qualcomm saw significant increases due to positive developments.
  • ? This is a positive sign for the overall market and particularly for investors in Tesla and Qualcomm.
  • ?️ The stock market has seen many such days of gains, and while each day is unique, the overall trend of growth is a constant.
  • ? Investors should continue to monitor the market and make informed decisions based on these developments.

Worried About a Stock Market Sell-Off? Consider This Ultra-Safe High-Yield ETF

  • ? The Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU) is recommended as a safe and high-yield ETF in case of a stock market sell-off.
  • ? This could be a good option for investors looking for a safe haven in case of a market downturn.
  • ?️ The market has seen many sell-offs in the past, and safe havens like XLU have often been recommended during such times.
  • ? Investors should consider their risk tolerance and investment goals when considering such options.

The August CPI Report May Set Up Another Big Bear Trap

  • ? The upcoming release of the August CPI report is expected to have implications for the market and Fed policy.
  • ? If the report is favorable, it could be a positive development for the market.
  • ?️ The market has seen many such reports in the past, and their impact on the market is always a topic of interest.
  • ? Investors should keep an eye on the release of this report and its potential impact on the market.

Did You Know?

 The S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq 100 all saw gains today, with tech stocks outperforming. The Consumer Discretionary sector led gains, while the Energy sector lagged behind. This is a reminder of the dynamic nature of the market and the importance of diversification in your portfolio.

Stay curious and have a great week! I’ll be back with another update tomorrow at the same time! See you then. ?

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