• AI工具:人工智能设计AI幻灯片工具Decktopus

    Decktopus is an all-in-one AI slide generator that helps you create professional presentations, proposals, and microsites in no time. It allows you to embed forms, videos, and websites into your slides and convert them into biolinks, sales funnels, and more. You can share your documents as links, embed them on your website, and export them as PDF or PPT. It also offers 100+ expertly designed templates to get started with. 人工智能设计工具,人工智能演示制作工具,AI设计,AI幻灯片,AI PPT Decktopus 是一款一体化 AI 幻灯片生成器,可帮助您立即创建专业演示文稿、提案和微型网站。它允许您将表单、视频和网站嵌入到幻灯片中,并将它们转换为生物链接、销售漏斗等。您可以将文档作为链接共享、将其嵌入您的网站以及将其导出为 PDF 或 PPT。它还提供 100 多个经过专业设计的模板供您入门。

    July 17, 2023