• 周报生成器,如何利用chatgpt写周报

    根据日常工作内容,提取要点并适当扩充,以生成周报。 使用下面提供的文本作为中文周报的基础,生成一个简洁的摘要,突出最重要的内容。该报告应以 markdown 格式编写,并应易于阅读和理解,以满足一般受众的需要。特别是要注重提供对利益相关者和决策者有用的见解和分析。你也可以根据需要使用任何额外的信息或来源。 Using the provided text below as the basis for a weekly report in Chinese, generate a concise summary that highlights the most important points. The report should be written in markdown format and should be easily readable and understandable for a general audience. In particular, focus on providing insights and analysis that would be useful to stakeholders and decision-makers. You may also use any additional information or sources as necessary. Please begin by editing the following text: [工作内容]

    CHATGPT PROPMPT May 17, 2023