AI Design Tools

  • Graphy AI Reviews:The easiest tool for businesses to create stunning and interactive charts

    About Graphy AI Graphy is an awesome free AI chart generator that lets you create charts easier than ever. When creating a chart, you can choose to either start from scratch or use the new AI-assisted mode. The AI assist mode lets you enter in a prompt describing your chart (main focus, types of data, etc), and then generates a chart layout which matches your intended purpose. Alternatively, you can also create your own chart style and enter in your data manually. Graphy lets you choose from lots of chart…

    October 20, 2023
  • CommandBar Reviews:Magical widget that makes any software way easier to use

    About CommandBar CommandBar’s is an AI-powered UX builder that brings searchable help content into your app or website. It includes semantic search and instant answers, which use AI to provide curated responses to frequently asked questions for your customers. he “HelpHub” widget can be easily integrated with popular platforms like Zendesk, WordPress, Intercom, Wix, and more. AI-Powered User Assistance The only platform for non-annoying user assistance, helping product, marketing, and customer teams unleash their users. Magical widget that makes any software way easier to use FAQ What does command bar do?…

    October 20, 2023
  • VisualizeAI Reviews:Re-Imagine and bring your ideas to life using AI

    About VisualizeAI VisualizeAI is a design visualization tool that lets you build prototypes, generate inspirations, and visualize your designs by uploading wireframe images. It’s easy to use, simply upload your input, select your style, and your images will be ready within seconds. There are currently 100+ styles to choose from, you can also customize to make your own style. Build Prototypes, Visualize your designs, Generate Inspirations & Re-imagine ideas within seconds ✅ Choose from 100+ styles or customize as per your needs ✅ For Hobbyists as well as Professionals✅ Latest…

    October 13, 2023