AI Test Automation Tools

  • Coframe Reviews:AI A/B Testing for Websites

    About Coframe Coframe is an AI-based website A/B testing tool that can be used as a copywriter, frontend developer, and UX researcher. The platform lets you input your website URL and analyze it for possible improvements, such as higher converting copy. Coframe persistently analyzes your site for optimization, letting you easily compare between results. The tool is free and easy to use, and perfect for web developers looking to test and optimize the user experience of their website. Boost your UX with AI powered A/B testing. Boost your online visibility…

    August 28, 2023
  • Checksum Reviews:Test every corner of your app using AI

    About Checksum Checksum makes it easy for developers and QA professionals to achieve better test coverage for their web apps. The tool combines real user sessions and machine learning to write E2E tests based on actual user flows and behavior. If you use Playwright or Cypress already, Checksum generates tests using those frameworks, too. – E2E test automation based on real user behavior Checksum turns your user sessions into a full testing automation pipeline, so you can ship fast without reducing quality. Auto-generated Save months in development time and…

    August 28, 2023