AI Finance Tools

  • Onesta AI Reviews:Meet Your New AI Sales Assistant

    About onesta ai Onesta has an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to ask any finance-related questions. It’s important to note that the answers from the AI are not from a professional financial advisor, and you are expected to use due-diligence before following any advice is offers. You can also use the platform to search through SEC-registered finance advisors. Superpowers for Your Inbox Automate the process of first reaching out to leads, all the way to scheduling the first meeting with Personalization unique to your business and your leads. Automated Outreach Your AI…

    September 12, 2023
  • Gem AI Reviews:AI Tech & Finance News Summaries

    About Gem AI Gem is a free iOS app that delivers personalized tech and finance news summaries powered by AI. It scans top sources to find the latest tech and finance articles, then uses AI to create customized, concise overviews for you. Gem can learn your interests over time to provide relevant news you’ll actually want to read. Gem-AI-Powered News on the App Store Welcome to Gem, your go-to app for staying updated with the latest tech, finance, world, politics and health news effortlessly. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Gem offers…

    September 12, 2023
  • Puddl Reviews:Get your OpenAI Analytics For Free

    About Puddl Puddl is a free analytics tool designed specifically for OpenAI API users. With Puddl, you can effortlessly track and analyze your OpenAI costs, gaining valuable insights to optimize and reduce expenses. The platform offers a detailed breakdown of your costs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, allowing you to understand your spending patterns. It also provides the convenience of viewing costs in your preferred currency. Your Keys areSecure Your private key are securely stored in your browser and never sent to our servers. Detailed CostBreakdown Get Daily,…

    September 12, 2023
  • Pluto Reviws:AI Stock Trading Platform

    About Pluto Pluto is an automated trading platform designed for both stock and cryptocurrency trading. It provides advanced investing automations, refined strategies, and valuable insights derived from big data, all completely free. Pluto features an intelligent assistant named Plato, who utilizes real-time data to deliver personalized investing insights. The tool allows you to set specific conditions and criteria, such as trading certain stocks when others miss earnings or investing in specific sectors during market downturns. Meet Pluto, your investing copilot I want to invest in AAPL when TSLA misses earnings….

    September 12, 2023
  • FinanceGPT Reviews:Text Generation is Great.Data and Charts Make it Better

    About FinanceGPT FinanceGPT provides AI-powered financial analysis and decision-making insights for investments. It combines generative AI with expert investing knowledge to provide accessible and insightful financial analysis, research, and consulting. FinanceGPT caters to investors, financial managers, and accountants, by helping them navigate complex financial landscapes and streamline their asset management. FinanceGPT combines the power of generative AI with financial data, charts, and expert knowledge to empower your financial decision-making. Analytics & Research Navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence, backed by our cutting-edge AI platform and industry expertise. Asset Management Streamline…

    September 12, 2023
  • AI Spend Reviews:Monitor your OpenAI API costs

    About AI Spend AI Spend is the perfect solution for solopreneurs, indie hackers, and businesses that use OpenAI APIs. This tool helps monitor your usage and costs, with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to understand analytics and charts to help you make better decisions about your OpenAI usage. With AI Spend, you will never be surprised by your OpenAI bill again. Features Fast Insights Register an account, add an API key, get insights within 1 minute. Beautiful Dashboard All your data is centralized into one place. Cost Insights Get…

    September 12, 2023
  • SEC Insights AI Reviews:Empower your organization’s Business Intelligence with SEC Insights

    About SEC Insights AI SEC Insights AI helps you quickly analyze complex financial documents like 10-Ks and 10-Qs. Simply select the documents you want to explore by company name or ticker, choose the document type and year, and SEC Insights goes to work. It can scan multiple documents at once to extract meaningful insights and comparisons. The tool guides you to specific paragraphs and citations so you can dive deep into financial details with precision and clarity. Empower your organization’s Business Intelligence with SEC Insights Effortlessly analyze multifaceted financial documents such…

    September 12, 2023
  • TradeUI Reviews:Options Flow Trading and Stock Market analysis tools

    About Trade UI TradeUI is an all-inclusive platform for stocks and options trading which leverages AI for data analytics and insights. It offers real-time data and advanced research tools, including real-time news and financial content with push notifications, sweep setups for filtering options, and lots more. TradeUI is designed to offer advantages for both beginners and seasoned traders. You can view the full list of features over on the TradeUI website.. TradeUI is a powerful software that helps traders make informed decisions by providing real-time data, advanced analytics, and customizable…

    August 25, 2023
  • Morphlin Reviews:Morphlin is not Morphling

    Morphlin is not Morphling Morphlin is a trading platform that empowers traders with powerful AI tools. It offers a range of features such as lending and grid strategies, real-time signal notifications, and investment analysis. With a user-friendly dashboard and partnerships with exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex, Morphlin enables traders to make wise and efficient trading decisions across different markets and exchanges. It also provides automation and delegation options for executing strategies in real time. The platform also features MorphlinGPT, which allows you to chat with an AI that has been…

    August 25, 2023
  • BeeBee Ai Reviews:AI-driven financial information platform

    BeeBee Ai is a cutting-edge platform that provides real-time market insights and comprehensive financial analysis. It features the latest earnings call transcripts of the S&P 500 and information on top US stocks, surpassing the limitations of traditional AI tools. It also poses insightful questions, assisting you in assessing the fundamental risks and trends of companies. BeeBee.AI AI makes financial reports and earnings calls easy to understand, delivering key insights for everyday investors. Why choose us ? Our current features include: analyzing earnings call transcripts of S&P 500 listed companies and other high-profile companies, as well as providing financial…

    August 25, 2023