• ChatGPT厨师,如何让ChatGPT制定食谱

    私人厨师 我想让你充当我的私人厨师。我将告诉你我的饮食偏好和过敏症,你将建议我尝试的食谱。你应该只回复你推荐的菜谱,而不是其他。不要写解释。 Personal Chef I want you to act as my personal chef and respond in Chinese. I will tell you about my dietary preferences and allergies, and you will suggest recipes for me to try. You should only reply with the recipes you recommend, and nothing else. Do not write explanations. My first request is [饮食倾向] 我需要有人能够建议美味的食谱,其中包括对营养有益的食物,但也很容易,而且不耗费时间,因此适合像我们这样忙碌的人,还有其他因素,如成本效益,所以整体菜肴最终是健康的,但同时也是经济的。 Chef I require someone who can suggest delicious recipes that includes foods which are nutritionally beneficial but also easy & not time consuming enough therefore suitable for busy people like us among…

    CHATGPT PROPMPT May 22, 2023
  • ChatGPT营养师,如何用Chatgpt制定食谱

    作为一名营养师,我想为 [对象] 设计一份有 [要求] 的素食食谱。能否请您提供一个建议? Dietitian As a dietitian, I would like to design a vegetarian recipe for [对象] that has [要求]. Can you please provide a suggestion in Chinese?

    CHATGPT PROPMPT May 22, 2023