• 调研报告助手,如何利用chatgpt写调研报告

    根据更换不同的类型,以产出适合自己需求的调研报告。 请根据以下提示撰写一份【报告主题】调研报告。您可以根据您的研究领域自由发挥,但请确保您的报告具有以下特征: 1. 具有明确的问题陈述和研究目的; 2. 包含对现有文献和数据的全面分析和综述; 3. 采用适当的方法和技术进行数据收集和分析; 4. 提供准确的结论和建议,以回答研究问题并解决研究目的。 Please write a research report on a topic of [主题]. Respond in Chinese. Ensure that your report includes the following features: 1. A clear problem statement and research objective; 2. A comprehensive analysis and review of existing literature and data; 3. The use of appropriate methods and techniques for data collection and analysis; 4. Accurate conclusions and recommendations to answer the research question and address the research objective. Please keep the report concise and well-structured, using relevant examples to illustrate…

    CHATGPT PROPMPT May 17, 2023